Hi there!

I'm Samantha Main, and I adore knitting.

Like most I was taught to knit really early on by my mother. But it didn't stick. There were just too many things to do as a kid!

Then one Christmas I wanted to make some scarves for my friends. My Mum was patient and guided me the whole way through (again).

We chose yarn together at the local yarn shop, and she taught me through casting on, knitting, and casting off.

The experience was exciting and relaxing, and my friends truly appreciated my effort. If you're already a knitter you know this is a bonus!

The art of knitting was captivating for me. From the astounding variety of yarns to squish, the never-ending different patterns to discover, and always having something new to challenge me. Woo hoo!

A door had truly been unlocked to me, and my desire to learn new techniques and expand my skills drew me into a whole new world.

It was soothing to my soul - so I burrowed into it.

In my quest to explore more I came across knitted lace and the fine lace weight yarns. Struggling to find yarn from the big brands to pique my interests and needs, my search further led me to indie dyed yarn, and I was entranced! From beautifully soft undulating tones, to vibrant magical colours! Each new knit was something even more unique.

And then I wanted to have a go at the dyeing for myself. Just one or two skeins, and yet somehow in 2012 I opened my very own indie dyed yarn business - Gradiance Yarns - where I focused on the revolutionary new gradient colouring that seems so commonplace today.

However I pigeon-holed my desire to explore the craft. And my happiness wavered.

But please don't feel sorry for me. This isn't one of those difficult and sudden life changing situations. Dyeing my own yarn gave me a huge insight to the world of dyers, and brought me even closer to my craft. I simply realised that gradients were part of my journey to something else. It wasn't the journey itself.

So I just went back to doing what I loved - exploring my craft and the world around me.

And my happiness came back.

I'm certainly not saying I'm an expert in knitting. Nor happiness for that matter either.

But I'm on a journey, and if you want to learn to be happy with me then that's fantastic.

If any of my musings can help you find a little bit of happiness in your journey - then that's even better!