You’ve knitted a simple baby cardigan. And now you want to make it a little bit extra special?

As you’ll probably know, I love to knit things for my local baby bank and food bank. They are both excellent places to help get things to those who need them.

One of the things I like to do is make something that would ordinarily be just a little cardigan into something a little bit more special.

Small changes can make a big difference.

My favourite “small change” is adding a cute bunny applique to the front of my classic Sweetpea Cardigan pattern.

The Cute Bunny Applique is by Shikha Bawa Sahu and you can find it here. After some practice it takes me around 5 minutes to make each one, and it makes the simple Sweetpea Cardigan look super adorable.

The Sweetpea Cardigan comes in multiple sizes from preemie up to 1 year old. (up to 2 years old is currently being tested).

The medium and large preemie sizes are available here. There is no small size because preemie babies this size are too delicate to wear garments, and instead are given blankets.

The newborn and current larger sizes are available here.

Next time you are making a little baby cardigan, please do consider a little something extra.

It can make an already lovely gesture make someone feel even more special and valued.

Best wishes,
Sam xox

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