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Hello and welcome!

You’re here because you like to knit. And that’s perfectly OK. I like to knit too.

In fact, knitting is not only a useful hobby, but it has been proven to be good for your physical, mental and psychological health.

Perhaps you like to knit whilst waiting for appointments. Perhaps you like to knit whilst travelling. Perhaps you like to knit because it relaxes you after a long day. Perhaps you like to knit because you want to clothe your loved ones in loving hand-knits.

Whatever your reason, knitting makes you happy.

And I strongly believe that everyone’s purpose in life is simple – to be happy and to connect with the world around us.

But knitting isn’t always easy. It comes with it’s own challenges and struggles. And that’s what I want to help with.

Along with knitting and yarn related stories, free tutorials and downloads, tips and tricks to elevate your knitting to the next level, and insights into new patterns, I want to help with your latest knitting frustration. Someone else might be struggling with it too. Let me know what knitting related problems you want to read about and my next blog post could be the solution!

My First Crocheted Square!

My First Crocheted Square! 11th April 2019 fatedsam Charity, Crochet, Projects, Skills No Comments So something happened in the last few days… I learnt to crochet. Well kind of. I’ve been capable of a chain Read more…

Hug in a Blanket

Hug in a Blanket 10th April 2019 fatedsam Charity, Crochet, Knitting, Projects, Stash, Yarn No Comments There’s a group on Facebook called Hug in a Blanket UK. They provide blankets from squares (both knitted and Read more…

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