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Hello and welcome!

You're probably here because you've seen one of my hand knitting patterns, or you've seen one of my yarns.

You like to knit. And there are many reasons why people like to knit.

Perhaps you find it useful for filling gaps whilst waiting or travelling. Perhaps it relaxes you after a difficult day. Or perhaps it is simply a big part of who you are.

It makes you happy. It is a part of who you are.

I strongly believe that everyone's purpose in life is simple - to be happy and to connect with the world around us.

We can look to our pastpresent, and future for that happiness and connectivity.

I've found happiness and inner peace from knitting and it's community - and I'm sharing the designs and yarns I create from my inspiration.

"The most important thing in life, is to be happy.

But what makes you happy, changes"

                                                       ~ Samantha Main