Are you getting stuck in knitting overwhelm?

So many patterns? So many yarns? So little time?

Knitting used to be enjoyable for you. Your way of relaxing from a busy and fast-paced day.

A way of restoring your energy for, well, everything else expected of us.

But now, you feel pressured to #knitallthethings.

You want to enjoy your craft again. And I don’t blame you.

When you fall out of love with something you love the stress seems to grow exponentially. You knit, but the woes don’t go away.

They multiply.

Knitting is not only a useful hobby, but it has been proven to be good for your physical, mental and psychological health.

When it is done right.

Whatever your reason for engaging in your craft, knitting can make you happy.

And I strongly believe that everyone’s purpose in life is simple – to be happy.

And that’s what I want to help with. I want to help you find happiness again, through knitting.

When my energy levels for typical daily life are sapped and running low, a session of knitting is both calming and grounding.

It allows me time to think.

And when my knitting session is finished, I feel revitalised and refreshed. Renewed with energy for the things going on around me and in my daily life.

I’ll be sharing my tips soon, so that you too can enjoy an energy restoring knitting session, and renew your daily sparkle.

In the meantime, please check out my blog for:

  • mindful and knitting related stories to enjoy
  • free tutorials and downloads
  • tips and tricks to elevate your knitting to the next level to overcome those little niggly irritations
  • and insights into new patterns

I want to help with your latest knitting frustration. Someone else might be struggling with it too. Email me personally at and let me know what knitting-related problems you want to read about.

My next blog post could be the solution!

It’s time to find happiness again in our craft.

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