If you believe knitting is a magical craft that can transform a stressful day into a calm and peaceful one, filled with gratitude and happiness, then I think we’ll get along just brilliantly. I’ve been knitting for over 15 years and I have personally learnt how therapeutic it can be. A well intended knitting session over the years has brought me rest & relaxation, creativity, stress reduction, focus & clarity, comfort, pain relief, and so much more.

Love. Create. Give.

Together these three words help me find happiness in my knitting and in my life, and is how I try to show up to the world each day and in my blog posts.

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Knitting is meant to encourage calm and relaxation. So I want to help with your latest knitting frustration. Someone else might be struggling with it too. Email me personally at help@thefatedknitter.co.uk and let me know what knitting-related problems you want to read about.

My next blog post could be the solution!