Every once in a while a knitter suffers from a lost knitting mojo. It doesn’t matter how many patterns you have lined up, or how lush your yarn stash is. It can happen to anyone. It has happened to me on numerous occasions.

But what to do about it?

Over the years I’ve been given numerous tips to overcome this, which I want to share with you today. Along with my favourite, that has never failed me.

The last time my knitting mojo failed it was after my wedding. You see, with so much to prepare running up to it and after as well, I hadn’t picked up my knitting needles for a few months. Except to tidy them away.

And because of that long break, I was in a bit of a knitting dip. Not knowing what to make and a little afraid of what to make as well.

I was eventually given a great opportunity to knit, as a car passenger for over an hour to Duxford. Following my own tips for in car knitting I chose a simple and quick pattern that I know by heart. But here are some tips to try if your knitting, or even crafting mojo, needs re-energising.

1. Go for a walk, somewhere you’ve never been.

Get away from all the knitting items and pressure in and around your home. Even if you drive for a little bit to get to your walk. The fresh air and new experience can breath new inspiration into you.

5 Valuable Tips for Successful Car Knitting by Gradiance Yarns | www.gradianceyarns.co.uk

2. Try a different craft.

Maybe something you’ve tried before, or something you’ve always wanted to try. A step away from your usual craft, but still crafting, can help bridge the gap to that lost enthusiasm.

Why Should Knitters Love Sewing? | www.gradianceyarns.co.uk

3. Read a knitting magazine or book.

These are usually filled with ideas, and may even have a pattern you’ve always longed to make.

5 Valuable Tips for Successful Car Knitting by Gradiance Yarns | www.gradianceyarns.co.uk

4. Browse Pinterest.

What others have created can be fantastic inspiration. Just be careful. Pinterest has this weird ability to mutate what feels like 10 minutes into 3 hours!

5. Knit a tried and trusted pattern.

Ideally, one you know by heart. This is my fail-safe method. It doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe one of the previous tips works for you. But this does for me.

You see, many years ago I came up with a garter stitch fingerless mitten pattern. This is still a personal pattern. I’ve never shared it with anyone. (UPDATE: The pattern was released in November 2018 – Ancestral Fingerless Mittens). But it is my saving grace. I knit these when I feel down or a little lost. For example, I’ve made a pair (or two) every time a family member has passed away.

I also turn to this pattern every time I don’t know what else to make. So it was perfect for my post-wedding knitting lull.

And the yarn I used? This is from my late Nannas’ stash. I’ve had it for about a year, but never used any of it. I figured it was time to give it a purpose. Not just a pair of gloves, but to reinvigorate my knitting mojo.

And here are my finished gloves…

5 Tips To Regain Your Knitting Mojo | www.thefatedknitter.co.uk

One day I’m sure I’ll release and share the pattern with you, but for now, it means so much being just mine. (UPDATE: The pattern was released in November 2018 – Ancestral Fingerless Mittens)

Do you have a pattern that you always turn to in tough times? What re-invigorates your lost knitting mojo? Maybe you have a new tip to share!


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