When was the last time you learnt something new?

As someone who enjoys learning new things, I am always on the look out for new construction methods to learn

Whether they be modern ideas, or the tried and true methods of our ancestors

At some point it is new to you. Yes?

The iconic square Shetland Shawl or Hap construction method was one I’d been yearning to learn for ages, and one evening I dived in.

I immediately put my new knowledge into action, and using a cherished stitch pattern, a new baby blanket was created.

Well now that pattern is ready to be tested, and it will be in a new exclusive group, and in a brand new look. (No one has seen the new look yet)

When you test knit you’ll be able to get much more interactive support from me, but also the opportunity to give and get support with other testers too. I’ve never been more excited for one of my test knits!

Find out more tomorrow on The Fated Knitter Facebook page.

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