This bonding square design uses an easy knit and purl texture to create a simple but effective bonding square.

A bonding square, or more accurately a pair of bonding squares are a way for a premature baby and its parents to bond, by smell. Usually, premature babies aren’t able to be physically touched very often, which is one way that early bonds are formed.

The parents are given two identical squares, usually each measuring around 5” square. One square is kept with the baby, and one is kept on the parents. Roughly every 12 hours they are swapped over, fresh with parent and baby scents.

This free PDF download contains written instructions to make a set of broken checkerboard bonding squares.

Are you overwhelmed by how much you need and want to knit?

Knitting is NOT always relaxing. Knitting can be a source of stress too.

The “Knitting Netherspace” is the primary technique I use every day to help reduce and eliminate stress.

As well as an explanation of what it is, the eight-step checklist included in this eBook will help you reach the realm in your sub-conscious, that I call the Knitting Netherspace, that brings with it new feelings of clarity, calmness, and happiness to your daily life.

Just click the button below to download the PDF directly to your device!

If you’re not sure where to donate your bonding squares, places you can check include your local hospital, midwifery/birthing centres, health visitors, children’s centres, doulas, baby banks, and church outreach groups, as well as Facebook groups such as Warm Baby Project.

Looking for more designs using this stitch pattern? We’ve got a baby blanket pattern, a preemie cardigan pattern, and a baby cardigan pattern.

Don’t forget to come back and let us know how you get on!

Check out our Rainbow Bonding Square pattern while you’re here.

Best wishes, Sam xox

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