Creating the logo for The Fated Knitter was a little more frustrating than I had initially anticipated. I wanted it to include a symbol for fate. If you forgot what it looks like, here it is:

I’ll start with the name – “The Fated Knitter”.  The name came from my belief that my ancestors legacy had a direct impact on my fate and purpose for being here. That what they did (my past), was naturally part of me already (my present), what I am destined to be (my future), and are all connected.

You see, my maiden surname is Woollard, which is derived from an old Anglo-Saxon surname “Wulfweard”. This roughly translates into wolf and guardian. Today we would call this a shepherd. See the link to knitting yet?!

So I started my search by looking for symbols in Anglo-Saxon for the word fate, for which the word is wyrd.

(Over time the word wyrd (fate) became the verb weird (to determine one’s fate). This was later used to describe the supernatural (who could play with people’s fate), and then to describe the odd things we are used to in today’s language).

In my search I came across the web of wyrd, also known as the matrix of fate, which is this:

The meaning of it couldn’t have been more perfect, but the image itself was a little bit more complicated than what I was going for. I prefer life to be simple. So I searched for symbols of fate in other ancient languages.

And guess what I found. Nothing. Zilch.

Considering the number of ancient stories and legends that focus around fate and destiny, there was nothing!

I’m not saying I looked everywhere. But I looked for a very long time. And I found nothing.

What I did find, was this website quickly highlighting the different meanings of triangles (I particularly found the past, present, and future part interesting), and something called glyphs.

The triangle symbol, and the simplicity of the glyphs, were starting to feel right. But there wasn’t a glyph for fate.

After more fruitless searching, I succumbed to reality that I was going to be creating my own logo. After all, it would be coming from me, for me. What could be better?!

So I started with a triangle. With each corner representing the past, present and future, and that they are all connected to each other.

Next I took some inspiration from the web of wyrd and how everything is connected, and I drew a line from each corner to it’s opposite side. But I ended up with something almost as complicated as the web of wyrd, which is what I as trying to avoid.

Whilst staring at this latest creation, I noticed something. That the centre represented me.

Me. Encompassed by, and fully connected to and created by, my past, present, and future.

So I adjusted the lines from each corner so they all met in the middle, and my logo was created.

Have a look at the logo again. No matter which corner you label as past, present, and future, they are all connected to each other, and that they are all equal parts of the creation that is you.

What do you think about my new symbol for fate?

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