Are you tired of that unsightly bind off stitch in your knitting when you cast off in the round?

You know the one.

That very last stitch which doesn’t join up properly, sticks out like a sore thumb, and takes lots of sewing just to try and tack it down.

I always used to hate this last stitch when casting off in the round. Whether it was a cuff, a hem, or the last round of a baby blanket. I would spend so much time trying to sew it down that I probably made the last stitch even worse in doing so.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I finally got the hang of crochet (I’d tried to learn for many many years and one person explained it in a way that finally made sense to me) and was encouraged to learn more, that I came across a video that showed this trick for crochet.


So next time I knit something where I cast off in the round, I adapted it for my knitting. It didn’t work quite right the first time.

The second time I made another tweak. And it was better.

The third time I tried I made another tweak. And it looked seamless. Just like in the crochet video.

I’ve been using this trick ever since, and I want to share this with you too.

There is a common saying that small changes can make a big difference.

I believe this is one of those. It’s only a small trick, but it makes a big difference to that VERY. FINAL. STEP.

Best wishes, – & happy knitting
Sam xox

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