I am pleased to announce that my latest pattern has now been published.

Seashell Blanket

You can get it here on Ravelry or here on Gumroad.

And… there is also an upgrade available on the Gumroad platform which includes 11 Instructional Videos that walk you through each step of the project so you can see exactly what it is you should be doing at each stage.

When my son was born we had a huge heatwave. I had made several blankets to keep him snuggly and warm, but they were just way too thick. I wished I’d had something thinner.

So every now and again I’ll design a baby blanket made with a fingering weight yarn on a fairly loose gauge specifically for those warmer days when something is needed, but not too much.

As someone who enjoys learning new things, I am always on the look out for new construction methods to learn. Whether they be modern ideas, or the tried and true methods of our ancestors.

The iconic square Shetland Shawl or Hap construction method was one I’d been yearning to learn for ages, and one evening I dived in.

I just had to put my new knowledge into action, and using a cherished stitch pattern and my experience needing a thinner blanket, this was the result.

I hope you’ll enjoy making this and learning the construction method just as much as I did.

Please let anyone you know who would like to make this know about the new pattern release with the buttons below.

And here is the Ravelry pattern link again for you. There is also a link to the same pattern on Gumroad for those who struggle with the visual look of Ravelry.

Best wishes, Sam xox

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