The Sweet Dreams Shawl is possibly the design that mesmerises me the most.

I started the shawl in September 2018 from inspiration of seeing these two hanks of yarn together – Night Wakes and Banana Sandwiches – I knew they were destined to be a large curly shawl.

Night Wakes and Banana Sandwiches from Fated Yarns.

Based on the shape of my Curled Shawl pattern, I wanted something that would evoke the waves of dreaming that come to us in the night. To get things going I started the design with a nice sweeping fabric of garter stitch, in order to show off the Night Wakes colour. The colour changes worked together beautifully and I adore the green and purple shifts.

Night Wakes from Fated Yarns in garter stitch.

The original idea then had a few alternating rows of the two colours, followed by a sideways knit section of cable and lace in Banana Sandwiches.

The sideways knit cable and lace pattern.

But I ripped this out when I wasn’t happy with it.

Ripping out the sideways cable and lace panel.

I ripped it all the way back to the Night Wakes garter stitch.

Back to garter stitch. Isn’t it mesmerising?

This time I fell back on a classic and traditional friend – old shale lace. Alternating the colours every four rows beautiful and hypnotic waves started to form.

Old shale lace detail in alternating colours.

For the big finale, I had a large panel of wave-like lace in mind. I hope you’ll agree this was a good choice.

Lace panel detail of the Sweet Dreams Shawl pattern.

And the last little detail is a picot cast off in Night Wakes with those undulating colour changes.

A beautifully delicate picot cast off in a contrasting colour.

Once I have written up the pattern and had it checked, I will announce details of the testing phase. If you wish to be a pattern tester then please make sure you are signed up to the newsletter here.


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