The previous episode of the Christmas Jumper saga finished with me not having the right sized needles for the sleeves. A jumper isn’t really a jumper without sleeves. It’s really more of a… vest.

I ordered some 20cm long 4.5mm KnitPro Symphonie DPNs. They arrived nice and quickly and without realising the first sleeve was complete.

First sleeve is completed and picking up the stitches for the second sleeve.

The second sleeve also worked up surprisingly quickly! I had never used the 20cm DPNs before, always used shorter ones, but we weren’t having the usual disagreement I have with DPNs. Before I knew it I was blocking the jumper!

The First Christmas Jumper on the blocking mat.

Once the jumper was dried it was time to sew in the ends and start the duplicate stitch patterning. It was Christmas Eve Eve. First up was “MY FIRST CHRISTMAS”. This took several hours!

MY FIRST CHRISTMAS in duplicate stitch.

Now it was Christmas Eve. The core elements were in place. The jumper was knitted. And the lettering was done. Simon was finally asleep for the night after having to resettle him several times. Now it was time for a little fair isle style patterning. Just a little bit. Would it be done in time?

Yes. Just. A few rows of diamonds and it was complete. We went to bed a little later than we had hoped though.

On Christmas Night it froze outside. Hard. We didn’t have snow. But we still had a white Christmas morning. And I managed to get a quick snap of the finished jumper with the frost.

The finished jumper with the frosty Christmas morning grass.


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