Why I Quit Instagram

Instagram is huge.

Some people love it. Some hate it. Some have never even tried it.

Businesses and influencers have been made, and broken, by it.

But for me, I grew to really resent the time I spent on it, for three reasons.

It’s a time suck

Scrolling down your feed started to become a mindless daily activity. My mind had grown numb to what I was seeing and reading. A seemingly never-ending roll of photos to double-tap.

This is even before going to the explore page and getting lost in the hashtag rabbit hole.

My little boys morning nap would come and go, and I’d be left frantically preparing bottles before he woke up.

Too much quick content


Knitting is a slow, relaxing, and calming activity.

Instagram is anything but that.

So much gets posted to the platform.

10 minutes later (or sooner) and it’s gone.

And there’s tons more in its place.

It’s just too noisy and fast-paced.

It doesn’t feel genuine anymore

My least favourite word right now is consistency.

The Instagram algorithm apparently favours consistency. Posting at the same time each day, similar photos, similar captions, etc. is what gets your post in front of people (even the ones who do follow you).

And there are apps that will post for you so that you can “appear” consistent.

But guess what?… Life is NOT consistent.

So all the consistency that Instagram promotes (and rewards you with by showing your post to more people) seems rather fake to me.

I don’t like it.

(And there are all the staged and set up photos too.)

Since leaving Instagram…

My last post was on 29th June (thefatedknitter) and 11th July (fatedyarns). And I am LOVING my post-IG life!

My imagination has had a huge boost. So many new design ideas are bouncing around in my head on a daily basis. Including designs for stash yarn!

My creative urges are in full swing and I’m getting so much done. The energy boost means I’ve also done loads around the house and in the garden too!

I’m no longer worrying and stressing about keeping up with all the popular patterns and yarns. I am going where my heart takes me and making what I really want.

I am no longer being directed by everyone else. I am being directed by me. My head. My heart. My soul.

And I have so much more time to do all of that! (And that’s despite my little boy shortening his naps).

My accounts and posts will be left there for anyone who the content may help. But please don’t expect to see anything new appear.

I’ll still be here on this blog (which you can sign up for in the sidebar), on Facebook (it’s easy to share links to other peoples amazing ideas and tips there), and on Ravelry.

But I’m loving this Instagram free life! And I don’t think I’ll be going back.

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