2018 will be my little boys first Christmas. I’ve never made myself a Christmas jumper, despite all the best hopes, but I was determined to make one for Simon.

Using the Sweetpea Cardigan for inspiration I chose my yarn: Cascade 220. This is a wonderful worsted weight yarn that is soft, has beautiful stitch definition, and works up quickly in baby sized knits. Even better – they have a colour called Christmas Red!

Cascade 220 in Christmas Red and White.

I quickly cast on and aimed to have two buttons down one side to get his head through, and then join in the round to make it a jumper. I was initially hoping to do some stranded colourwork, but I quickly changed this to duplicate stitch later on. With time not being on my side I figured it would be more important to have the core elements finished, rather than nothing at all. The red was knitting up quickly and I made it to the sleeve separation with surprising ease!

First Christmas Jumper just after the sleeve separation.

Round and round happily I went all the way to bottom. Realising part way down I was going to need a second skein of the red. Luckily Wool Warehouse are very good at quick deliveries. I also found some adorable (though slightly oversized) Christmas buttons.

With the body finished and my new skein of yarn it was time to set upon the sleeves…or so I thought!

Next are the sleeves. I hate going round and round on sleeves. Urgh! DPNs or magic loop. They both seem to hate me. Now you know why the Sweetpea Cardigan was intentionally designed as a sleeveless summer cardigan!

And stop. I don’t have DPNs in the right size.  And my long circulars for magic loop are being used. Now I’ll have to wait for more post. 


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