The Texel Project: Getting Gauge

Following on from my previous post – The Texel Project – I had a few concerns about the weight of the yarn.

It is listed as a chunky weight on the World of Wool website. But it is also a 3ply yarn and in my experience 2 or 3ply chunky weight yarns tend to knit up more like an aran or worsted weight. At least they do for me!

So I had to investigate this a little more.

After winding the yarn into a ball (my swift and winder are currently stored away and there aren’t many metres) the first step was to check WPI (wraps per inch).

That’s 9 wraps per inch. According to Ravelry’s Standard Yarn Weight chart this is a worsted weight yarn. Hmm…as I thought.

But I mustn’t stop there. The most important thing when choosing your yarn for a project is to determine how it knits up for you. So, for the first time in my life (I know bad right!?) I’ve made a swatch! I’ll give you a moment to pick yourself up off the floor.

Right, OK. Here is my swatch.

Yep. There is photographic evidence that I made a swatch! If you’re wondering why it’s a bit longer than a traditional swatch see this post about a Dressed Swatch.

So now it’s time to measure my stitches.

Across 10cm I have 16.5 stitches. Based on the Ravelry Standard Weight Chart this puts the yarn somewhere between an aran and a bulky weight yarn.

And just for good measure since I’ll be designing with this yarn I get 24 rows per 10cm.

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