I’ve set myself a little project: The Texel Project.

Today I want to show you these two gorgeous skeins of yarn.

Texel Project | www.thefatedknitter.co.uk

This is a chunky weight 3ply. Though I’m thinking it might work up closer to a worsted or aran at first glances. But anyway, I wanted to show it to you because it is 100% Texel wool.

The Texel is a very common breed of sheep for farmers in the UK. And whilst it’s fleece is suitable for knitting yarns, it is very rarely advertised as such. If you want to find out a bit more about this breed have a browse at the Texel Society website.

When I helped with a shearing a few years ago most of the 400 ewes were Texel. With a few Jacobs. The farmer and his family didn’t think very much for the fleece though. The sheep were shorn for their welfare, not because they felt the fleece (!) had any value.

I was gifted with a few fleeces to take home and I was hoping to process them into a finished project to gift back. However my processing skills need a lot of improvement still! So I’ve sourced the yarn from World of Wool instead. And what is even better is that it is 100% British sourced wool, so I could still be knitting from the fleece of a sheep I met!

Anyway, my goal of this project is to design something to help them see that their fleeces do have value. I already have pattern ideas for these two skeins, and I might need a few more skeins for a small collection.


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