Why do you knit?

Upon first impression, it seems like a reasonably simple question.

But think a little more on the question and the answer might get a bit blurry.

Almost unanswerable even.

At least using words.

Perhaps you might stumble out the words… “Because. I. Just. Do.”

But deep down the question has awoken feelings in you.

Strong and forceful.

Stirring up a multitude of emotions intertwined with each other.

Inseparable and indefinable.

You might be able to make out bits of happiness, passion, serenity.

But generally, the feeling is greater than the sum of all those emotions.

A list of comprehensible answers to the question might include things such as:

  • to make gifts for my family and friends
  • to learn new skills
  • to challenge myself
  • to make something unique
  • to relax and reduce stress
  • to cope through loss
  • to keep my hands busy
  • to have a creative outlet
  • to donate to charities that help others

You may identify with some of those, or all of those.

I’ve identified with all of these at one point or another in my life.

It seems like an oversimplified list when you compare it to the feeling that awoke inside you.

And honestly that’s absolutely ok.

It’s ok to not be able to express every emotion into words.

That makes it a very personal emotion. Which makes it a more powerful emotion for you too.

What is important is to be able to feel that emotion.

It is an emotion with the ability to provide us with energy, vigour, and inspiration.

It has the power to restore and rebalance us.

To heal us.

By spending a little time each day to immerse ourselves in our craft, even for 15 minutes, can go a long way to make even the most dreary, tiresome, and stressful days just that little bit better.

So, why do you knit?

Best wishes, Sam xox

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