Hug in a Blanket

There’s a group on Facebook called Hug in a Blanket UK. They provide blankets from squares (both knitted and crocheted) to people in the UK all the way from newborn to the age of 21 who have long term, life-limiting, terminal, physical or mental health conditions.

I was introduced to this group by a friend who has a child that was nominated for one of these blankets. And I duly set to make a few squares for her son’s blanket. I even used yarn from my late Nanna’s yarn stash that was given to me after she passed away.

At the time of writing this, blanket number 275 has been announced. If you want to see all the completed blankets check out the photo album section of the page. Each blanket ever created has it’s own album!

Now, regardless of whether you sit on the knit or crochet side of the fence, after browsing through even a few of these blankets, I’m sure you will agree that they are stunning! Squares of all skill level are sent in and included in the blankets. From simple garter stitch and granny squares to full-colour motifs and applique!

Since I’ve been a member of the group, every single day parcels have arrived at their HQ with new squares. Well, except Sunday because our posties need to rest too. And photos of the squares are posted for all to see.

Now each blanket requires 88 6″ squares, made from either DK or fingering weight yarn, ideally with no or little wool or animal fibre content (a lot of recipients also have allergies). With an assortment of colours, sometimes to match a specific colour scheme, patterns, designs, and what are called “specials” (the squares with the applique and motifs) each square is allocated to a blanket. Once enough squares are collected they are sent off to a “finisher” to be sewn together, and finally sent off to their new owner.

But that isn’t the end.

The photos and videos of the recipients opening the boxes and seeing how happy they are to receive such an extraordinary blanket, are truly heartwarming and will bring a tear to your eye.

My friend’s son has received his blanket. But I am still knitting squares for the group.

Should you ever be wondering what to make next, or have a little bit of yarn leftover from a project you made then please, I urge you, make a 6″ square and send it to Hug in a Blanket. I have some simple textured square patterns for you to download (completely free) here.

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