As many people start welcoming Autumn into their lives, and rejoice in the rich and deep colours of golden yellows, burnt oranges, crimson reds and cinnamon browns, here at Gradiance Yarns (now Fated Yarns) we are still indulging in custard creams, pretty pinks, and all things wedding coloured.

Yep. Last week we tied the knot and became husband and wife!

After returning to the UK we were delighted to receive tons of good wishes from family and friends, and a gorgeous bouquet of Spring coloured flowers.

Gradiance Yarns Wedding News |

After unpacking from our romantic travels, many items are still laying about the house waiting to be rehomed. My wedding shawl being one of them.

The bouquet of flowers includes a stem of lilies, one of my favourite flowers.

But with a cat in the home, I was wary of placing the vase of Spring coloured flowers in its usual place in front of the open fire.

Instead, I placed them on the windowsill my shawl was still laying on. And don’t they look gorgeous together? So romantic!

Gradiance Yarns Wedding News |

The shawl pattern itself is called Spellbound, and is by an amazing designer who publishes under the name of Boo Knits. I adore her designs, and loved Spellbound so much that I made two of them. One for myself, and one for my sister as Maid of Honour.

The yarn was one of my own at Gradiance Yarns. You may recognise it? It was the Stargazer Lace in colourway Custard Cream. Dyed because Custard Cream biscuits are delicious and, well why not?

I chose to use the colour in these two very special shawl projects because the colour is enough to add a touch of glamour, but still look delicate and gentle.

And finally the beads are Matsuno size 6 beads in colour Ceylon light cream. Mine came from G J Beads here in the UK. I could spend all day browsing their site looking at the range of beads they have on offer. And I have a fair few of them in my stash too!

Gradiance Yarns Wedding News |


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