The yarn bouquet all started in 2014. Little did I know at the time, that it would turn into what it means to me today.

Earlier that year my now husband proposed to me, and I had said yes.

A little time went by and we started looking at wedding items. My first considerations were the dress and bouquet.

I had no idea what I wanted for a dress. And searching online only made my list of choices longer.

I did however know that I wanted to be able to keep my bouquet forever.

Don’t get me wrong here. Flowers are beautiful. I love flowers.

And wedding bouquets do look stunning!

But they don’t last forever.

I still have the small blue and white silk flower bouquet that my husband gave me at prom. I wanted my wedding bouquet to last just as long.

As a keen knitter I already knew then that my bouquet would be made from yarn.

So I started searching the Internet for bouquets of yarn.

Surprisingly, I didn’t come across much. However, there was one that spoke out to me. It was this from Green Wedding Shoes (you’ll need to scroll down a bit).

I liked the simplicity of it. I liked the inclusion of the leaves. But I wasn’t keen on how bulky and “thrown together” it looked.

Yet over the coming weeks, I kept thinking about it.

I knew my bouquet would need to be similar, but more delicate.

An affirmation of my life and yarn, intertwined with each other, as I married the love of my life.


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