If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that of all the acrylic yarns, the Stylecraft Special range is my favourite. I personally find the thickness to be the most consistent across colours of all the acrylic ranges, and the new colours don’t disappoint.

And if you’re new to me and my knitting corner of the countryside then the Stylecraft Special range is my favourite of all the acrylic yarns.

Recently Stylecraft announced three new colours to their range, bringing the DK range up to 100 colours!! That’d be amazing to have every colour immediately at hand to play with. I mean, for serious purposes only of course!

Anyway, my skeins of the three new colours arrived this week for me to drool over inspect. The three new colours are:
1. Hint of Silver
2. Warm Grey
3. Gingerbread

If you’d like to see the three new colours, I posted a quick video which you can watch below…

I already have plans for each colour, and you’ll hopefully see Gingerbread in something soon which I’m probably the most excited about of all my plans for these skeins.

If you don’t yet have your skeins of the new colours then I would highly recommend Wool Warehouse. Ever since my LYS closed I’ve been using their website and would give them full stars. Check out the full colour range of the Stylecraft Special DK here, and when it’s back in stock make sure you get one of the colour cards!

Best wishes, – & happy crafting,
Sam xox

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